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Klein aber fein
Klein aber fein

In recent years, many completely new challenges have piled up in the industry and are now blocking the path like a solid iron door. This denies a clear view of what really matters: the best quality of drinking water, saving our planet and the carefree pleasure of just enjoying water.

New regulations mean stricter requirements for drinking water.

Our common mission: the best drinking water ever. Once again, new requirements are now being imposed officially with the same mission in mind.

Since 21 March, 2021, the even stricter KTW-BWGL regulation (the assessment basis for materials that come into contact with drinking water) – has been implemented in Germany.

Since 1 January, 2023, California, USA, has had the lowest Q-value ever - other states will follow in January 2024. The Q-value defines the maximum permissible amount of lead that may be released into drinking water.

We need our planet – and our planet needs us.

Our planet gives us everything we need to live. And everything we need to enjoy all this. This includes the materials we need for a healthy and comfortable handling and experiencing of water.

But the conditions have changed.

The responsible use of raw materials is more important now than it ever has been. Water is more valuable than ever – every drop counts to preserve our world for us and for our children. Today, saving water is one of the main targets in official requirements and in our daily lives.

More and more government-controlled labels are informing consumers about the water consumption of their everyday products and are therefore forcing manufacturers to act - for example, the American EPA's WaterSense label.

At the same time, raw materials for the production of water-using commodities are scarcer than ever before.

Since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, prices for copper and copper alloys such as brass have risen to record levels.

More precious than ever before: Nowadays, copper alloys are more than 40 % more expensive than they were in 2015. (Source: Federal Statistical Office, Germany)

It’s an unbroken desire to enjoy water like you enjoy a wellness treatment.

Worldwide, stress levels are sky-high. (Source: Gallup)

Plenty of work, many worries, high pressure. People all over the world feel more stressed than they have ever done. Which makes it all the more important to give them their daily time out: Having a shower or during a relaxing bath. For a few minutes, all worries disappear behind a shimmering veil of crystal-clear water.

But with all the challenges, is it even possible to enjoy an appealing, comfortable but still a responsible water experience?

Sometimes the way to something grand is along a small path.

The iron door of challenges that blocks your view of new progress in your development seems surmountable. It is a small key that opens it quite naturally and clears the way for completely new possibilities. Unprecedented design ideas, responsible water handling and unlimited comfort at the same time.

Components which have been reduced in size open up new possibilities for innovative product ideas.

Learn how to overcome the challenges and discover the small key to big possibilities.

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