Value addedease of use

Value added
ease of use

Experience water in a
completely new way:
Unlimited freedom for
innovative operating concepts


Imagine you could change the lives of those around you.

You could create well-being – with water at just the right temperature – a wellness therapy for body and soul.

Imagine you could bring families closer together – because you create free time in their everyday life just by innovative use of water.

Imagine you could improve people's health – because you give them access to fresh, clean drinking water anytime, anywhere.

Imagine being able to turn everyday moments into beautiful moments of emotions – just by enabling water use like no one has ever experienced it before.

Imagine the power of water is in your hands.

You have all the freedom it takes to turn water into something special.

With your ideas you improve people's lives. Innovative operating concepts for an improved everyday life. A shower that becomes an elating sensation with massage showers, rain showers, and hand showers. Drinking water - promising your customers a long and healthy life.

What ideas do you have to inspire your customers with water?

The possibilities are endless! Every day there are so many occasions to use and enjoy it.

The EU Drinking Water Directive (2020) is planning public access to drinking water with drinking fountains.

Let's explore new ways to experience water together at ISH in Frankfurt. Find out how we can support you making your visions come true. How we can develop unprecedented operating concepts for a better life together and by all these secure advantages over your competitors.

Visit FLÜHS-TheEvent from 13 to 17 March 2023 at the ISH in Frankfurt - on site or from wherever you are.